Fittingness – a cultural challenge

Wulf, M. (Speaker)

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Our worldview has changed: the world has to fit in my vision. This is a kind of narcissism towards the world. An attitude of consumption requires that here and now everything must be available – perfect for me and with low costs. Civilization knows technics to realize this dream, technics of “making”, of “feasibility”; Utilitarianism is a widespread attitude. Culture on the other hand is a growing reality, founded in experience, developing a long-time-perspective towards the past and the future and a social perspective towards society. From experiences values rise and a horizon of meaningfulness grows. Ethical principles overcome practical utility and head toward metaphysical issues.
In this perspective the dignity of nature becomes visible, the dignity of the pure existence and the dignity of life, an organic reality in which the human person is involved. Culture and nature interfere and are co-dependent.
- Nature as the unfree other of the human being, the free other is responsible for the unfree and must avoid to make him victim.
- And even more: the human being can contribute to the accomplishment of creation.
- A theological intuition on wisdom can reveal that ecology might even be understood as the redemption of creation. The free answer towards God is given by the free one – in the name of the unfree being.
In Jesus Christ a new creation begins. A theological ecology reveals the meaning of creation: it reflects the order of the world and its “intelligent design”. The creator created in the presence of “wisdom”, playing with phantasy. The human being is called to understanding, respecting, developing and perfecting creation by contributing meaning, transferring it into art and bringing it to worship. This is how human beings can give birth to creation, an ongoing creation which fits in God’s ideas of what a redeemed creation may be.
Period2 Oct 2020
Event titleTowards an Environmental Ethic of ‘Fittingness’: null
Event typeConference
LocationLeuven, Belgium
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  • Environmental ethics
  • Ecology
  • culture
  • nature
  • responsibility
  • fittingness
  • Creation