The ability to see 'us in them' is decisive for the whole issue of migration

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    Period16 Sept 2021

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    Media contributions

    • TitleErnst Hirsch Ballin: 'The ability to see 'us in them' is decisive for the whole issue of migration'
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      DescriptionHe has been a state councillor, a politician, the longest serving minister of Justice in the Netherlands since the early 19th century, president of the T.M.C. Asser Institute, but above all, he is a legal scholar and a jurist. Later this month, Ernst Hirsch Ballin will say farewell as a professor of Human Rights Law at the UvA. His farewell seminar at the Asser Institute on Thursday September 16, will focus on Global Migration, a topic close to his heart. We interviewed him prior to the seminar. Ernst Hirsch Ballin: “Sadly, there is the widespread misconception that you can take wind out of the sails of populist parties by not speaking out clearly against their ideas”.
      Producer/AuthorNarin Idriz and Pascal Messer
      PersonsErnst Hirsch Ballin