Evidence-based Management decision-making process in hospital settings



Evidence-based Management (EBMgt) refers to using the best available evidence when making managerial decisions. There is limited knowledge about the EBMgt process in different contexts. As such, the aim of the study is to build a grounded model that can help us better understand the evidence-based decision-making process and its contextual nuances within hospital settings. We explored the following three research questions among managers in hospital settings: (1) How is the EBMgt process manifested in practice? (2) What are the sources of evidence in EBMgt? (3) What contextual factors influence the process of EBMgt? To answer these questions, we collected qualitative data from executive managers working in multiple hospitals across Lebanon and used it to develop a grounded model of the EBMgt process. We collected data through interviews and the critical incident technique.
Date made available2020

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