Replication Data for interview transcripts (raw data) of the PhD thesis The Many Faces of Ravana



This dataset includes a selection of the interview transcripts used in the PhD thesis The Many Faces of Ravana. Ravanisation: The Revitalisation of Ravana among Sinhalese Buddhists in Post-War Sri Lanka. The fieldwork for this PhD thesis was conducted in the years 2016, 2017, and 2018 in Sri Lanka to investigate the popularity of the mythological figure Ravana among the Sinhalese Buddhist majority. The main question of the thesis is: What kinds of representations of Ravana have emerged among Sinhalese Buddhists in post-war Sri Lanka (2009 onwards), how do they take shape on local levels, and how does the interest in Ravana – including these Ravana representations – relate to the hegemonic Sinhalese Buddhist ethno-nationalist perception of Sri Lanka as a Sinhalese Buddhist country?
Date made available4 Oct 2021

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