Replication Data for: Modular interfaces, collaboration Turku University - Tilburg University



This is the dataset for the qualitative study "Elaborating on modular interfaces in multi-provider contexts" as published in International Journal of Operations & Production Management. This research investigates modular service provision in a network of multiple dissimilar service providers (DS care provision). The focus is on the interfaces between the service providers that supply the service components from which modular service packages are assembled. The term ‘service provider’ refers to professionals and/or the organizations where these professionals are employed. This is of utmost importance, because coordination is often undermined by fragmentation of care among multiple service providers: each provider requires a “handoff” of patient information, which creates opportunity for failure of communication between professionals, organizations, and patients. A tight fit between the complimentary components and providers involved will prevent those failures; it could discard gaps as well as duplications in care provision. This tight fit can be achieved through interfaces, because they provide standardized linkages between components and service providers that allow interaction and communication between them. Research question: How can interfaces in modular services facilitate coordination between service components and between service providers (i.c. professionals and/or organizations)?
Date made available27 Sept 2021

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