Replication data for: Seeking solitude after being ostracized: A replication and beyond.

  • Dongning Ren (Contributor)
  • Eric D. Wesselmann (Contributor)
  • Ilja van Beest (Contributor)



Individuals may respond to ostracism by either behaving prosocially or antisocially. A recent paper provides evidence for a third response: solitude seeking, suggesting that ostracized individuals may ironically engage in self-perpetuating behaviors which exacerbate social isolation. To examine this counterintuitive response to ostracism, we conceptually replicated the original paper in three studies. Study 1: correlational, drew from departmental testweek data. Ostracism experiences were associated with preference for solitude across four samples. Study 2: experimental, drew from a classroom activity. Ostracism was manipulated using Otrain. Study 3: experimental, ostracism was manipulated using ostracism online paradigm.
Date made available28 Jun 2021

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