Replication Data for: What Drives Brands’ Price Response Metrics? An Empirical Examination of the Chinese Packaged Goods Industry

  • Bernadette Van Ewijk (Contributor)
  • Els Gijsbrechts (Contributor)
  • Jan-Benedict E. M. Steenkamp (Contributor)



Chinese household panel data 2011-2015 covering all CPG purchases, including support files barcode, shopcode, panelist (including information on age, household size, income, city (tier)). In the current study, we want to shed light on the role of brand price as a marketing mix instrument for consumer packaged goods (CPG) in a dynamic emerging market like China. Specifically, we intend to answer the following research questions: What is the relationship between a brand’s price and market share over time: How price sensitive are Chinese consumers for CPG products, and how do CPG sellers change price in response to a change in market share? Do these relations differ for the short versus long term? What brand and category contexts moderate these relations? To empirically address these issues, we aim to conduct a comprehensive study on the link between prices and market shares across hundreds of brands in a large set of packaged goods over a five-year period.
Date made available3 Dec 2021

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