Tangram O-Cam Experiment Annotations and Analyses



This dataset contains (1) annotations (encodings) of the video recordings of 14 participants that participated in an o-cam experiment (and the stimulus), as reported in: Brugel, M. (2014).Het effect van de eye gaze en lach van de spreker op het uitlokken van feedback bij deontvanger. Master’s thesis, Tilburg University. The encodings include Backchannel Opportunity Point annotations (BOPs), head movement and facial expression annotations (facereader encodings), and vocal annotations (ELAN encodings). and (2) the scripts to get the annotations into the R environment and analyse the annotations as reported in Blomsma, P., Vaitonyte, J., Skantze, G., and Swerts, M. (2022). Variability between and within addressees in how they produce audiovisual backchannels. [Manuscript submitted for publication]
Date made available23 Mar 2022

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