Voting, fast and slow

  • Giovanni Cassani (Creator)
  • Francesco Marolla (Creator)
  • Angelica M. Maineri (Creator)
  • Jacopo Tagliabue (Creator)



This package contains data to replicate and extend a study on the 2012 Parlamentarie, the Five Star Movement primary elections used to identify prospective candidate MPs for the 2013 general elections. We investigate the effect of position on screen on the candidate rank in each electoral district and collected likability ratings for a sample of districts. We provide the dataset about the election, the dataset with the likability ratings (stripped of personal information about raters), the candidates' self-uploaded pictures (as a .zip file, after excluding those portraying multiple people, children, or sensitive information) and the R scripts to replicate the analysis. The experimental design and data management plan were approved by the Research Ethics and Data Management Committee (REDC) of the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences (TSHD) of Tilburg University, code REDC2020.201.
Date made available19 Dec 2022

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