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Prof. dr Frank Hendriks (1966) is full professor of comparative governance at Tilburg University. He is a member of the Dutch Council for Public Governance, an advisory council for Dutch government. He is Fellow at the Montesquieu Institute in The Hague and was Visiting Fellow at St Edmund's College, Cambridge University, at IDHEAP in Lausanne, Switzerland, Harvard University, USC and UCLA in the US.

His research is focused on the design and quality of democratic governance - on political leadership and active citizenship, on public decisionmaking and participation, on reform and innovation in democratic institutions - at the level of the city and the state at large. A good reflection of his current research agenda is the book Rethinking Democratic Innovation, Oxford University Press, 2023 (forthcoming). This is a sequel to Vital Democracy: A Theory of Democracy in Action, Oxford University Press, 2010.

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Frank Hendriks (1966) is full professor of comparative governance at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. He is specialised in the comparative study of democracy: mixed models and reform of democracy; transition of democratic institutions and culture; democratic leadership and citizenship in flux.

He obtained his PhD from Leyden University in 1996 with a comparative study of democratic decision-making. The reworked English version was published as 'Public Policy and Political Institutions' (Edward Elgar, 1999), described by Mary Douglas as "an impressive comparison (...) written with admirable clarity (...) likely to be a classic in the field of public policy."

The comparative study of democracy is also central to 'Vital Democracy: A Theory of Democracy in Action' (Oxford University Press, 2010) and the 'Oxford Handbook of Local and Regional Democracy in Europe' (OUP, 2011). In a review of Vital Democracy, Kjaer wrote: "It will definitely be on my bookshelf right next to classics on the subject by, for instance, Lijphart, Held and Dahl." Lijphart called it: "a wonderful book... highly innovative...completely original... Compusory reading for all those talking about democracy."

Frank Hendriks is Fellow at the Montesquieu Institute in The Hague and Visiting Fellow at St Edmund's College, Cambridge University. He has been visiting professor at IDHEAP in Lausanne, Switzerland, and at Harvard, UCLA and USC, all in the US, and member of various (international) research networks and editorial boards. He is the co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Local and Regional Democracy in Europe. He has conducted extensive research, partly commissioned by public bodies, on governance and democracy at the local, regional, national and European level.

Research conducted by Frank Hendriks is published in international journals such as Public Administration; Government & Opposition; Administration & Society; International Review of Administrative Sciences; Democratization; Acta Politica; Journal of Political Marketing; Urban Affairs Review; Cross-Cultural Research; International Journal of Public Administration; Innovation; Local Government Studies; Administrative Theory and Praxis; GeoJournal; Politics, Culture & Socialization; Dutch Crossing; Journal of Crises and Contingencies. 

He is the author or editor of various books, published by: Oxford University Press; Amsterdam University Press; DSWO Press; Edward Elgar; Reed Elsevier; Springer; Ashgate; Lemma; Van Gorcum; Van Gennep.



Gegeven onderwijs/ courses taught 

Governance and politics

Vergelijkende democratieleer (Comparative democratic research)

Bestuurlijke netwerken en instituties (Governance networks and institutions)

Methoden en technieken van sociaal-wetenschappelijk onderzoek (Social science research methods)

Atelier mediacratie: media en democratie (Atelier mediacracy: media and democracy)

Inspirerende denkers (Inspiring thinkers)

Inleiding bestuurskunde (Introduction in public administration)

Verschillende werkgroepen in de bestuurskundige bachelor, master en research master, (various working groups in ba, ma and research master, public administration)

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External positions

Member of the Council of Public Administration, collaborating with the council on analyses and recommendations (Raad voor het Openbaar Bestuur (ROB))

1 Jul 20221 Jul 2026


  • Civil Society
  • Cultural And Country Differences
  • Democracy
  • Consensus Democracy
  • Urban Governance
  • Regional Governance
  • Institutional Theory
  • Politics
  • Comparison Of Cultures
  • Political Reform
  • Multicultural City
  • Governance Systems
  • Interactive Governance
  • Democratic Governance
  • Democratic innovation


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  • REDRESS: Revitalizing Democracy for Resilient Societies

    Hendriks, F. (Principal Investigator), Wagenaar, C. (Researcher), Sipma, T. (Researcher) & Witting, I. (AIO)


    Project: Research project

  • Multi Level democracy

    Karsten, N. (Researcher), Cachet, A. (Researcher), Schaap, L. (Researcher), Metze, T. A. P. (Researcher), Levelt, M. (Researcher), Hendriks, F. (Researcher), Boluijt, B. (Researcher), Frankowski, A. (Researcher), Geurtz, J. C. H. C. (Researcher), van Ostaaijen, J. (Researcher), Salet, W. (Researcher), van den Dool, L. T. (Researcher), Lupi, T. (Researcher), Boogers, M. J. G. J. A. (Researcher), van Hoorn, E. (Researcher), de Graaf, L. (Researcher), Bodd, J. (Researcher), van Zuydam, S. (Researcher), Daemen, H. H. F. M. (Researcher), Gianoli, A. (Researcher), Coulson, A. (Researcher), Ringeling, A. B. (Researcher), Aardema, H. (Researcher), Korsten, A. F. A. (Researcher), van de Wijdeven, T. M. F. (Researcher), Oude Vrielink, M. J. (Researcher), Drosterij, G. (Researcher), Ruano de La Fuente, J. M. (Researcher), Zouridis, S. (Researcher), Michels, A. M. B. (Researcher), Iancu, D. (Researcher), Klimovsky, D. (Researcher), Pinteric, U. (Researcher), Voerman, G. (Researcher), Verheul, W. J. (Researcher), Schulz, J. M. (Researcher), van Twist, M. J. W. (Researcher), Hendrikx, P. M. A. (Researcher), Verheul, J. (Researcher), Ensberg, D. (Researcher), Derksen, W. (Researcher), van den Brand, T. (Researcher), Verheul, J. (Researcher), van den Brink, G. (Researcher) & van der Pennen, A. W. (Researcher)

    1/01/09 → …

    Project: Research project

  • Multiculturaliteit van politiek en bestuur

    Frissen, P. (Principal Investigator) & Hendriks, F. (Researcher)

    1/01/03 → …

    Project: Research project

  • Interbestuurlijke verschillen en hun consequenties voor integraal beleid

    Kensen, S. (Principal Investigator) & Hendriks, F. (Researcher)

    1/01/03 → …

    Project: Research project

  • Interactie-onderzoek in een actor-netwerkbenadering

    Kensen, S. (Principal Investigator), Zouridis, S. (Researcher), Hendriks, F. (Researcher) & Tops, P. (Researcher)

    1/01/03 → …

    Project: Research project