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Jack P.C. Kleijnen is Professor of 'Simulation and Information Systems' at Tilburg University, where he is a member of the 'Department of Information Management' and the 'Operations Research' group of CentER of the ' Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM)'.

His research concerns simulation, especially the statistical design and analysis of experiments with simulation models, in many scientific disciplines (management, economics, engineering, etc.). He has been a consultant for several organizations in the USA and Europe. He serves on many international editorial boards and scientific committees. He spent several years in the USA, at universities and private companies. He received a number of national and international awards; e.g., in 2008 the Queen of the Netherlands appointed him a Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion and in 2005 the INFORMS Simulation Society awarded him the Lifetime Professional Achievement Award (LPAA) (also see OR/MS Today and INFORMS/Simulation Society). In 2005 he also presented a "Titans of Simulation" seminar at the Winter Simulation Conference.

More information can be found via the tabs at the top of this page (called 'CV', etc.), including details on more than 200 publications, seminars (national and international), courses on design and analysis of simulation experiments, CV details (addresses, editorial boards, consulting, previous employment, education, committees, professional associations, 'who is who' listings, etc.), and academic honors.

Latest update: August 10, 2011


Employment history: Netherlands

Dec. 2005 - now: Part-time (40%) Professor of Simulation and Information Systems
Oct. '80 - Dec. '05: Professor of Simulation and Information Systems
Jan. '05 - Dec. '05: Part-time (50%) Professor of 'Operations Research' at Wageningen University and Research Centre; member of the 'Operations Research and Logistics' group and the Mansholt Graduate School of Social Sciences
Nov. '65 - Oct. '80: Research Associate at Tilburg University, first with professor Max Euwe, and then with professor Gert Nielen
Feb. '65 - Nov. '65: Research Associate at the Economic Institute Tilburg (EIT)

Employment and education history: United States

April '03: Stanford University, Department of Statistics. Host: Professor Art Owen.
April '02: Naval Postgraduate School, Department of Operations Research. Hosts: professors Tom Lucas and Susan Sanchez.
Nov. - Dec. '96: Consultant for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Host: Jon Helton
April '92: Stanford University, Department of Operations Research. Hosts: professors Peter Glynn and Donald Iglehart. Lectures presented at Claremont, IBM Research San Jose, Naval Postgraduate School, RAND, Stanford, and UCLA
April '91: University of Central Florida, Department of Statistics, Orlando. Host: prof. Mark Johnson
Summer '88: Supercomputer Visiting Scientist Program, Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey. Research with prof. Nabil Adam, Graduate School of Management, Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey
Summer '84: Pritsker & Associates (P & A), West Lafayette, Indiana. Research with Dr. Charlie Standridge (P & A) and prof. Lee Schruben (Cornell University); summer course taught
Summer '81: IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York. Research with Drs. Phil Heidelberger, Steve Lavenberg, and Peter Welch
Summer '79: Indiana University, Graduate School of Business, Bloomington. Summer course taught, at prof. Clay Whybark's invitation
Dec. '73 - Dec. '74: IBM Research Laboratory, San Jose, California. Research with Drs. Lin Barbosa and Jean-Paul JacobSummer '69:Duke University, Economics Department, Durham, North Carolina Research with prof. Don Burdick (Mathematics Dept.), at prof. Tom Naylor's invitation
Summer '68: Duke University. Research with professors Tom Naylor and Tom Wonnacott (Western Ontario University; visiting)
Jan. '68 - Aug. '68: University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Graduate School of Business Administration; visiting scholar. Re search with professors Ross Nelson and Jim MacQueen
Sept. '67 - Jan. '68: UCLA; graduate student


Postgraduate course:

The last time, I taught the course called 'Simulation for logistics' (code 2V060) for the Postgraduate International Program in Logistics Management Systems at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences of the Eindhoven University of Technology was 30 September 2008 - 25 November 2008. This course was based on my 2008 book (see Repository). If you are interested in my slides for this course, please, e-mail me..

Prerequisite knowledge of basic simulation, mathematical statistics, and operations research:

Law, A.M. (2007), Simulation modeling and analysis, fourth edition, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, chapters 1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 11 (approximately 350 pages)

Courses for undergraduate students in management science/operations research and in information systems ('BIK'), at Tilburg University:
1969 - 2004: simulation
1989 - 1990: manufacturing, planning, and control systems
1977 - 1988: computers in management
1965 - 1969: computerized solutions of non-linear equations; statistical aspects of simulation

Supervision of 'internships' ("stages") & Master theses, 2003-1994

'Developing a simulation model for the testing of information systems development', A. Voncken, ABP, Heerlen, January2003

'Waarom service level agreements?' (Why SLA?), J. Visse, Department of Information Systems and Management , Tilburg University, October 2002

'A threefold perspective on validation: how do hard OR, soft OR, and system dynamics see it?', O. Pala, Department of Information Systems, Tilburg University, August 1998

'The influence of buffers: an analysis with statistics and simulation', O. Tool, Philips/Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Eindhoven, July 1997

'Management-informatie in een veranderende organisatie' (Management information in a changing organization), A. Surstedt, KIWA, Rijswijk, January 1997

'Integratie en standaardisatie binnen het Work Management model' (Integration and standardization in the Work Management model), S. Koolen, Wang Nederland bv, Culemborg, September 1996

'Marketing-applicaties en workflow management met Lotus Notes bij de Unilever Vleesgroep Nederland b.v.' (Marketing-applications and workflow management with Lotus Notes at Unilever Vleesgroep Nederland b.v.), E. Vermeulen, Unilever Vleesgroep Nederland b.v., August 1996

'Optimal design of simulation experiments with nearly saturated designs', R. Maas, Department of Econometrics, Tilburg University, August 1996

'Statistics in simulation', O. Tool, Department of Econometrics, Tilburg University, August 1995

'Stapgrootte en andere aspecten van Response Surface Methodology' (Step size and other aspects of Response Surface Methodology), M. Geenen, Department of Econometrics, Tilburg University, August 1995

'De markt voor Financial Electronic Data Interchange van de ING Bank Nederland' (The market for Financial Electronic Data Interchange of the ING Bank Nederland), A. Canlon, ING Bank Nederland, August 1995

'Experimental design and RSM: a better approach; the coal mine model', P. Bosman, Department of Econometrics, Tilburg University, December 1994

'Automatische identificatie: onderzoek naar de toepasbaarheid van automatische identificatie ter ondersteuning van een MRP II pakket' (Automatic identification: investigation into the applicability of automatic identification as an aid in a

PhD supervision

Note: Ph.D. students in the Tilburg School of Economics & Management (TiSEM) of Tilburg University are selected through the CentER Graduate School. This selection is based on the quality of the candidates. However, once a candidate is selected, he/she will select a supervisor and a project for the dissertation.

Four possible Ph.D. projects under supervision of Professor Kleijnen are:
1. Expected Improvement (EI) for Efficient Global  Optimization (EGO)

2. Robustness: finding satisficing solutions for uncertain environments

3. Screening: searching for important factors in large simulation models

4. Validation: testing whether the simulation adequately models reality

The current status of these projects is summarized in various recent publications; see the Repository.


Ph.D. supervision

E. Mehdad "Optimization in random simulation with multiple responses via Kriging and Expected Improvement ", to start March 2012

G. Dellino "Robust simulation-optimization methods using Kriging metamodels", 25 February 2009 (defended at Universita degli Studi di Bari, Italy)

M. Velikova "Monotone models for prediction in data mining", 13 November 2006

W. van Beers "Kriging in simulation", 28 October 2005

C. Ivanescu "Order acceptance under uncertainty in batch process industries", 4 October 2004, (Eindhoven)

E. Angûn "Black box simulation optimization: Response Surface Methodology revisited", 29 June 2004 (CentER Dissertation Series, ISBN 90 5668 134 6., Tilburg, Netherlands)

E. Gaury "Designing pull production control systems: customization and robustness", 10 March 2000 (CentER Dissertation Series, ISBN 90 5668 066 8, Tilburg, Netherlands

W. van Groenendaal "Investment analysis of natural gas transmission on Java", December 1994

A. Feelders"Diagnostic reasoning and explanation in financial models of the firm", 12 November 1993

B. Bettonvil "Detection of important factors by sequential bifurcation", 9 November 1990

Ph.D. Committees (in Tilburg and elsewhere)

C.P.L.'Veeger "Aggregate modeling in semiconductor manufacturing using effective process times", University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 16 June 2010

D. Gorissen "Grid-enabled adaptive surrogate modeling for computer aided engineering", Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium, 26 March 2010

G. Rennen "Efficient approximation of black-box functions and Pareto sets" Tilburg, 20 November 2009

K.. Vladislavleva "Model-based problem solving through symbolic regression via Pareto genetic programming", Tilburg, 5 September 2008

A. Siem "Property preservation and quality measures in meta-models" lburg, 25 January 2007

E. Stinstra "The meta-model approach for simulation-based design optimization", lburg, 22 November 2006

B. Husslage "aximin designs for computer experiments", lburg, 17 November 2006

L. T Driessen "imulation-based optimization for product and process design", lburg, 28 April 2006

C.J. de Vos-de Jong "Risk analysis of classical swine fever introduction", geningen, 25 May 2005

C. Ekering "De specificiteit van EDI", burg, 5 June 2000

I. Halachmi "Design methodology for the robotic milking barn", ageningen, 10 November 1999

J. Verstegen "Economic benefits of management information systems for cattle breeding farms", Wageningen, 18 February 1998

S. Horst "Risk and economic consequences of contagious animal disease introduction", Wageningen, 7 January 1998

J. Bekkering "A microsimulation model for evaluation of income tax individualisation", Tilburg, 27 November 1995

W. Rutten "The use of recipe


  • Simulation
  • Robust Optimization
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Logistics
  • Production Management
  • Computer Simulation
  • Statistics


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