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Research interests

My research interest is in post-colonial multilingual societies, multilingual educational practices and mutlilingual educational language policies, with a focus on Aruba and (Dutch) Caribbean islands, when it comes to their navigating practices between autonomy and dependence within a broader globalized and interconnected digitalized world, with a special interest in the language values, beliefs and ideologies that shape the language choices made by national entities as well as families. 


Since 1995 I have been working as a curriculum designer, educational policy advisor, language policy advisor, project leader, educational researcher, teacher trainer and program coordinator for both the Instituto Pedagogico Arubano (the national teacher training institute of Aruba) and the Department of Education of Aruba. In 2015 I have been appointed by the Minister of Education of Aruba as a member of the National UNESCO Commission for the field of Education and I have held that membership up to the present.


  • Multilingualism
  • Language policy
  • Education