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Fear generalization in patients with Panic Disorder: A 5 clinic direct replication of Lissek et al. (2010)

Krypotos, A., Mertens, G., van den Hout, M., Klugkist, I., Hagenaars, M. & Engelhard, I.

Project: Research project

plusvalor: PLUSVALOR

Spotti, M.

Project: Education project

EPICLE: The Ecology of Psychotherapy: Integrating Cognition, Language, and Emotion (EPICLE)

Steffensen, S. V., Jensen, T. W., Wiltshire, T., Trasmundi, S. B. & Philipsen, J. S.

Project: Research project

Personalizing treatment for chronic cancer-related fatigue

van der Lee, M. L., Schellekens, M., Slatman, J., Cramer, A., Bootsma, T. & van Woezik, R. A. M.

Project: Research project


Rijnen, S., Sitskoorn, M. & Gottmer, L.

Project: Research project


Alternatives to Tort Law

Verheij, A. J., Ammerlaan, V. C. & Vranken, J.

Project: Research project