“After following this course the student is motivated to: … ?” Exploring the use of qualitative research methods for assessing students’ developments in character building.

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Education at Tilburg University is based on three pillars: skills, knowledge, and character building. Although the first two pillars are widely integrated in our teaching activities, character building remains a marginal and vaguely defined concept to both teachers and students. Character building refers to a student’s ability and willingness to apply their academic knowledge and skills outside university walls. Important components of successful character building are intellectual independence, critical moral reflection, and an acknowledgement of our responsibility to contribute to larger societal issues. Because teachers often marginalize these elements in their assessment, students are not always encouraged to prioritize them in their learning. We propose to include explicit assessment of character building 1. to centralize personal growth and social responsibility in our teaching, and 2. to assess students´ growth in these areas throughout our courses.
Short titleAssessment of Character Building
Effective start/end date1/08/211/08/22


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