Comenius Teaching Fellow: A blended learning game

Project: Education project

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This project results in a game simulation that enables students in the Tilburg University’s Bachelor in Organization Studies to develop their 21st century vocational skills. In their prospective professional careers, our students often have to engage in multiparty collaborations in information overloaded environments, for which it is hard to prepare by means of traditional teaching methods. They will face a ‘new information reality’, providing continuous access to multiple oftentimes inconsistent information sources, and a ‘new collaboration reality’, demanding multi-party collaborations to deal with complex problems. By means of our blended learning game, students can experience such collaboration and information challenges in a controlled environment. The game incorporates a mixture of real and virtual elements, designed for training students in practicing disambiguation at both the organization and system level. Disambiguation here refers to the removal of uncertainty and confusion due to the presence of a variety of information sources and the presence of and interaction between multiple parties. The game will be implemented in the Business Policy & Strategy learning line and will help students to develop the necessary skills and strategies to succeed in their future careers.

Layman's description

We aim to develop a serious game that helps prepare (initially) students to prepare for their career by aiming to develop skills to deal with the new working environment.
Effective start/end date1/05/1831/10/19




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