COURAGE: Cybercrime and cyberterrOrism (E)UropeanResearch AGEnda

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The COuRAGE (Cybercrime and cyberterrOrism (E)UropeanResearch AGEnda ) consortium will deliver a measured, comprehensive, relevant research agenda for Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism (CC/CT) guided by the knowledge and experience of the highly experienced and exceptionally qualified consortium (17 partners, 12 countries) and Advisory Board members (14 organizations including EUROPOL, JRC and ERA). This Research Agenda will identify the major challenges, reveal research gaps, and will identify and recommend detailed practical research approaches to address these gaps through strategies that are aligned to real-world needs.

These strategies will be supported by complex test and evaluation schemes. The purpose of COuRAGE is to significantly improve the security of citizens and critical infrastructures and support crime investigators. The COuRAGE approach builds on three pillars, namely:-a user centric methodology, to identify gaps, challenges and barriers based on real-world needs and experiences; an analytical and semantic approach, to deliver a taxonomy and create a common understanding of the subject with all stakeholders; and, a competitive and market oriented approach, to foster practical implementations of counter-measures using effective test and validation solutions. COuRAGE will obtaining accurate, robust and validated user requirements which will be reflected on the research agenda and improve the participation of citizens in the sharing of information and by sustained focus against cyber criminals and cyber-terrorist activities. This agenda will be elaborated through a progressive and collaborative approach, consolidating contributions from the legislative, law enforcement, research and industrial communities represented by the COuRAGE consortium and the COuRAGE advisory board.
Short titleCOURAGE
Effective start/end date1/01/131/01/16


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