Intersectionality in technology design and new media: A scoping review

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Intersectionality is introduced by legal scholar Crenshaw1 as a critique on the tendency
in US discrimination law to think along a single axis, for example along either ethnicity
or gender. She illustrates the limitations of single axis thinking by describing the lived
experiences of Black women, which are found to be inherently different from those of
Black men, and of White women.
This single axis perspective is often also applied when designing technologies. Even
when designers target a specific (marginalized) population such as Deaf people, this
population contains a large diversity in, for example, cultural backgrounds or literacy
that is generally not considered.
With a literature study, we aim to highlight the need for intersectional thinking in the
design and regulation of AI and present a research agenda to make future designs more
inclusive. This agenda will also be a starting point for future collaborations between TLS
and TSHD.
Effective start/end date1/10/221/10/23


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