Lexington Books Series Proposal | Companions to Edith Stein’s Works

  • Wulf, Mariéle (Principal Investigator)

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    The Companions to Edith Stein’s Works are proposed as clear, comprehensive, and concise guides to the works of Edith Stein. Each Companion will identify the structure and method of one of Stein’s works in a synopsis; provide an orientation on its place in the overall work, indicate its sources and context and discuss its relevance for contemporary debates. Each will be authored by experienced Stein scholars and rigorously peer-reviewed, taking for its basis the
    Edith Stein Gesamtausgabe published by Herder. The intended readership of the companions are established scholars, graduate students, philosophically engaged undergraduates, and interested lay-readers, in the disciplines of philosophy, theology, and related areas of academia, such as history and the history of ideas, psychology, education and the social and political sciences.
    Short titleCompanions to Edith Stein’s Works
    Effective start/end date1/03/2131/12/26


    • Edith Stein
    • philosophy
    • anthropology
    • theology


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