The Good Life. A New Perspective on the Questions of Today in the Light of Franciscan Spirituality

Project: Research project

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Serious problems of today, or so-called 'wicked problems', are wicked because they are not only problems. Following an unexplored thought of Gabriel Marcel, that it makes a difference to approach a reality as a problem or as a mystery, the Franciscan Study Centre enters into a dialogue with people from various fields - academic, but not only academic - to enlighten the big questions about sustainability, leadership, health care and poverty. It appears that the question and the answers change when discussed in the light of Franciscan Spirituality. And often the insights appear to be almost insultingly new!

In order to start the dialogue, and keep it going, the Franciscan Study developed circles of knowledge (, and is going to develop circles of education.

Key findings

1. Sustainability demands a form of life
2. Health Care is to care for good relations and good proportions
3. A good leader is a good follower
4. Poverty is not only a problem, but also a path
Short titleThe Good Life
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/22