Blackjack in Holland Casino's: Basic, optimal and winning strategies

B.B. van der Genugten

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This paper considers the cardgame Blackjack according to the rules of Holland Casino's in the Netherlands. Expected gains of strategies are derived with simulation and also with analytic tools. New effiency concepts based on the gains of the basic and the optimal strategy are introduced. A general method for approximating expected gains for strategies based on card counting systems is developed. In particular it is shown how Thorp's Ten Count system and the High Low system should be used in order to get positive expected gains. This implies that in Holland Casino's it is possible to beat the dealer in practice.
Original languageDutch
PublisherUnknown Publisher
Number of pages58
VolumeFEW 711
Publication statusPublished - 1995

Publication series

NameResearch memorandum / Tilburg University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
VolumeFEW 711


  • Gambling
  • Probability
  • 60E05
  • Black Jack
  • 62J05
  • Linear Regression
  • probability theory

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