Guidelines for using ISO standard 24617-2

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This document provides practical information for using the ISO 24617-2 standard for dialogue annotation. The document is organized as follows. Section 1 discusses some general issues in dialogue act annotation. Section 2 explains the segmentation of a dialogue into the segments of communicative behaviour that express a dialogue act (possibly more than one). Section 3 shows the ISO 24617-2
metamodel and the corresponding components of an ISO 24617-2 annotation. The sections 4-7 contain guidelines for applying the concepts of the ISO 24617-2 metamodel: dimensions, communicative functions, qualifiers, functional dependences, feedback dependences, and rhetorical relations. Section
8 introduces the use of alternative representation formats of ISO 24617-2 annotations in the Dialogue Act Markup Language (DiAML) as developed for the DialogBank, which is introduced in Section 9. Section 10 discusses the possibilities for customizing the ISO 24617-2 annotation scheme to specific domains and purposes. Section 11, finally discusses the limitations of the current version of ISO 24617-2, and possible revisions in a future version. The document ends with a list of references, an appendix that contains summary definitions of the dimensions, communicative functions, and qualifiers of ISO 24617-2, and an appendix that contains summary definitions of the core set of rhetorical relations specified
in the ISO 24617-8 standard for the annotations of discourse relations, which are recommended for use also in dialogue annotation.
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Publication statusPublished - 5 Jan 2019


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