Healthy food consumption in young women: The influence of others' eating behavior and body weight appearance

M. Stel, G.M. van Koningsbruggen

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People's eating behaviors tend to be influenced by the behaviors of others. In the present studies, we investigated the effect of another person's eating behavior and body weight appearance on healthy food consumption of young women. In Study 1, participants watched a short film fragment together with a confederate who appeared normal weight or overweight and consumed either 3 or 10 cucumber slices. In Study 2, a confederate who appeared underweight, normal weight, or overweight consumed no or 4 cucumber slices. The number of cucumber slices eaten by participants was registered. Results showed that participants' healthy eating behavior was influenced by the confederate's eating behavior when the confederate was underweight, normal weight, and overweight. Participants ate more cucumber slices when the confederate ate a higher amount of cucumber slices compared with a lower (or no) amount of cucumber slices (Studies 1 and 2). The food intake effect was stronger for the underweight compared with the overweight model (Study 2).
Keywords: Food intake, Consumption, Eating behavior, Modeling, Mimicry
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)240-247
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Food intake
  • Consumption
  • Eating behavior
  • Modeling
  • Mimicry

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