How to guide the use of technology for ageing-in-place: An evidence-based educational module

E.J.M. Wouters, M.N. Nieboer, M.J.G.A. Moonen, S.T.M. Peek, A.M.A.G. Sponselee, J. van Hoof, C.S. van der Voort, K.G. Luijkx

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Technology is suggested to support ageing-in-place. For careand
technology professionals working with older persons it is important to know
how to facilitate the use of technology by older persons. This paper presents the
translation of the results of a field study into multilevel and multidisciplinary
educational material. During home visits, community-dwelling seniors
were interviewed regarding reasons for their level of technology use. All types
of technology that could support activities of daily living, were included.
Resulting themes formed the basis of the development of personas and scripts
for education. Next, lecturers from vocational and higher technical and care
education developed an evidence-based educational module from the perspective of professional service provision. 53 older adults were interviewed.
The level of technology use is influenced by six themes: challenges in the
domain of independent living; behavioural options; personal thoughts on technology use; influence of the social network; influence of organisations; and the role of the physical environment. Four personas were developed, one of which was featured into a film, with twelve separate scenes. For each scene, lessons were developed that consisted of specific questions (first level), in-depth questions (second level) and suggestions for classes (for lecturers). Three personas were translated into case histories. Older adults’ perceptions and use of technology are embedded in their personal, social, and physical context. To improve successful technology use to support ageing-in-place, professionals from the domain of care and technology can be trained to be aware of these factors.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationHuman aspects of IT for the aged population
Subtitle of host publicationAging, design and user experience
EditorsJ. Zhou, G. Salvendy
ISBN (Electronic)978-3-319-58530-7
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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