Independent local political parties in the Netherlands

M.J.G.J.A. Boogers, G. Voerman

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Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)75-90
Number of pages15
JournalLocal Government Studies
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2010
  • Multi Level democracy

    Karsten, N. (Researcher), Cachet, A. (Researcher), Schaap, L. (Researcher), Metze, T. A. P. (Researcher), Levelt, M. (Researcher), Hendriks, F. (Researcher), Boluijt, B. (Researcher), Frankowski, A. (Researcher), Geurtz, J. C. H. C. (Researcher), van Ostaaijen, J. (Researcher), Salet, W. (Researcher), van den Dool, L. T. (Researcher), Lupi, T. (Researcher), Boogers, M. J. G. J. A. (Researcher), van Hoorn, E. (Researcher), de Graaf, L. (Researcher), Bodd, J. (Researcher), van Zuydam, S. (Researcher), Daemen, H. H. F. M. (Researcher), Gianoli, A. (Researcher), Coulson, A. (Researcher), Ringeling, A. B. (Researcher), Aardema, H. (Researcher), Korsten, A. F. A. (Researcher), van de Wijdeven, T. M. F. (Researcher), Oude Vrielink, M. J. (Researcher), Drosterij, G. (Researcher), Ruano de La Fuente, J. M. (Researcher), Zouridis, S. (Researcher), Michels, A. M. B. (Researcher), Iancu, D. (Researcher), Klimovsky, D. (Researcher), Pinteric, U. (Researcher), Voerman, G. (Researcher), Verheul, W. J. (Researcher), Schulz, J. M. (Researcher), van Twist, M. J. W. (Researcher), Hendrikx, P. M. A. (Researcher), Verheul, J. (Researcher), Ensberg, D. (Researcher), Derksen, W. (Researcher), van den Brand, T. (Researcher), Verheul, J. (Researcher), van den Brink, G. (Researcher) & van der Pennen, A. W. (Researcher)

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