Satisfaction with information provision in cancer patients and the moderating effect of Type D personality

O. Husson, J. Denollet, S. Oerlemans, F. Mols

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Optimal information provision is important in cancer survivorship, but satisfaction with this provision may depend upon individual differences in personality. We examined the effect of the personality traits negative affectivity and social inhibition, and their combined effect (Type D personality) on satisfaction with received information.
Four population‐based, cross‐sectional surveys were conducted. All individuals diagnosed with lymphoma, multiple myeloma, endometrial cancer or colorectal cancer (1998–2008) as registered in the Eindhoven Cancer Registry were eligible for participation. In total, 4446 patients received questionnaires including the EORTC QLQ‐INFO25 and the Type D personality scale (DS14); 69% responded (n = 3080).
Nineteen percent of patients (n = 572) had a Type D personality. The perceived receipt of disease‐specific (mean 46 vs. 51), medical test (56 vs. 63) and treatment information (37 vs. 42) was significantly lower for Type D patients compared with non‐Type Ds as assessed with the EORTC QLQ‐INFO25 (scales 0–100; all ps < 0.01). Cancer patients with a Type D personality were less satisfied with the received information (49 vs. 58; p < 0.01) and found the received information less useful (55 vs. 61; p < 0.01) compared with non‐Type Ds. Multivariate linear regression analyses showed that Type D personality was independently associated with information about the disease (Beta = −0.09), medical tests (Beta = −0.12) and treatment (Beta = −0.08), and with satisfaction with information received (OR = 0.54; 95%CI = 0.44–0.66;all ps < 0.01).
This study showed that patients with a Type D personality perceived that they received less information and reported less satisfaction with the amount of received information as compared with non‐Type D patients.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2124-2132
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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