Testing Decision Rules for Multiattribute Decision Making

C. Seidl, S. Traub

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    This paper investigates the existence of an editing phase and studies the com- pliance of subjects' behaviour with the most popular multiattribute decision rules. We observed that our data comply well with the existence of an editing phase, at least if we allow for a natural error rate of some 25%. We also found a satis- factory performance of certain groups of subjects for the conjunctive rule, for the elimination{by{aspects rule, for the majority rule, and for the maximin rule. Our data suggest, however, rejection of the prominence hypothesis and of the maximax rule. Thus, our experiment sheds light on the existence of an editing phase and on the use of various multiattribute decision rules.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationTilburg
    PublisherVakgroep CentER
    Number of pages39
    Publication statusPublished - 1996

    Publication series

    NameCentER Discussion Paper


    • Sequential Decision Making
    • Editing Phase
    • Prominence Hypothe- sis
    • Elimination-by-Aspects Hypothesis
    • Conjunctive Decision Rule
    • Majority Rule
    • Multiattribute Decision Making


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