Il principio di coerenza: Unione europea e questioni irrisolte nella lotta al terrorismo internazionale

Translated title of the contribution: The principle of Coherence’: : The EU facing the unsettled issues on fighting international terrorism.

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    The international community is still looking for an universal agreed definition of transnational terrorism, applicable both in peacetime and in times of armed conflict. At UN's level exists a Draft Comprehensive Convention, but States have not yet overcome own conflicting views about freedom fighters. Thanks to its deep integration as regional organization, the EU could take a decisive position in the negotiations, especially towards Mediterranean countries thanks to Neighborhood
    and Development policies. The changes introduced by the Lisbon Treaty, with regard to external relations, may ensure a pivotal-role to the “principle of coherence and consistence”, strengthening the link between European internal policies and external actions.
    Original languageItalian
    Pages (from-to)4-19
    JournalI quaderni europei
    Issue number22
    Publication statusPublished - 2010



    • Transnational terrorism
    • EU external relations
    • principle of coherence
    • principle of consistency

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