The salvation of Creation: The Interrelation of Nature and Culture

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    The inner law and wisdom (“logos”) of our common home, our “oikos”, is provided by “ecologia”. “Laudato si” proclaims “the urgent challenge to protect our common home”, we “seek a sustainable and integral development”, an “integral ecology” . A “global ecological conversion” is definitely required. Ethical principles should overcome practical utility; we should head toward metaphysical issues.
    In this perspective the dignity of nature becomes visible.
    - Nature is the unfree other, the free person is responsible for it.
    - The human being can even contribute to the accomplishment of creation.
    - A theological intuition on wisdom can reveal that ecology might be understood as the redemption of creation.
    In Jesus Christ a new creation begins. A theological ecology reveals the meaning of creation, showing us God’s playful “wisdom”. Human beings can even perfect creation by contributing meaning, transferring it into art and bringing it to worship. This is how human beings can give birth to a new creation.
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    JournalMelita Theologica
    Publication statusSubmitted - 23 Feb 2021


    • nature
    • civilization
    • Redemption
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