Towards Simple Models for Energy-Performance Trade-Offs in Data Centers

Boudewijn R.H.M. Haverkort, Björn Frits Postema

Research output: Other contribution


In this paper we advocate the use of simple stochastic models to analyse the energy-performance trade-off in data centres. Recently such trade-offs have received increased attention, however, the tools used to make such trade-offs are largely based on simulation and real-life experiments. Although simulations studies are very helpful, we think that simple analytical models, or models based on stochastic Petri nets (or similar description techniques) can be very fruitful in guiding design processes in the early phases. Similarly, we do think that experimental work is very important, however, its results come "after the fact" in the sense that the system has been built already once the experiments are being performed. Our claim is that the use of simple models early in the design phase provides a very good return on investment. This short paper presents some preliminary models that can be used for early-in-design trade-off analyses.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Bamberg Press
Number of pages10
Place of PublicationBamberg
ISBN (Print)978-3-86309-208-5
Publication statusPublished - 19 Mar 2014
Externally publishedYes


  • Performance
  • Stochastic Petri Nets
  • matrix-geometric methods
  • EWI-24676
  • IR-91065
  • Data centres
  • Energy
  • METIS-304073
  • Analytical models


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